Sneak Peek

I’m planning my first official post to be on Valentine’s Day! This blog has been a goal of mine for quite some time, and I finally reached a point where the fear of doing nothing outweighed the fear of failure.

When I first envisioned my blog and the content I aspired to create, I kept coming back to two names: Shakespeare and Chanel. To me, they represent literature and fashion, which are the two main areas I want to explore on this platform.

I studied English lit and fiction writing in college and grad school, and the classics have always inspired me–from Chaucer and Shakespeare to Austen and Keats. As for fashion, Chanel has always been my ultimate icon. I love the crispness of a black and white color palette, the effortless chic of a little black dress, the sophistication of a quilted handbag, and the careless elegance of French style.

I’ll be sharing what I’m reading and what I’m wearing, as I hope to unite my love of literature and my passion for fashion in one creative space. Stay tuned!


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